Want To Become An
Online Course Specialist?

If you’re a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer who wants to stand out from the crowd by becoming an Online Course Specialist, click here

Want To Create Your Own Online Course?

If you’re a business coach, life coach, consultant, public speaker, healer, practitioner or any type of service provider who is itching to create your own online course, click here

Want To Become An Online Course Specialist?

Whether you’re just getting started on the path to working for yourself or whether you’re further along the track, you’ve probably noticed that there are A LOT of Virtual Assistants and Freelancers about.

It can be hard to get noticed by potential clients, when there are so many similar service providers all jostling for attention.

So, what do you do? Do you spend even more time on marketing… time that you don’t really have?

Or do you reduce your rates and try and pick up work that way?

I’d say NO! What you need to do is SPECIALIZE. Become known for something niche, not just another “Hey I do everything VA” or just another generic Freelancer.

But what to specialize in? It’s critical to pick a field that is highly sought after and that’s growing day by day.

And that field is Online Course Creation. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed lately, but every man and his dog wants to create an online course! It is THE HOTTEST market to get in to right now, and will continue to be into the future.

It is already a multi billion dollar industry and the opportunities are immense.

Countless entrepreneurs such as business coaches, life coaches, consultants, authors, public speakers and health & wellness professionals want to achieve the holy grail of passive income by creating online courses.

They have very special expertise that they know would help thousands of people all over the world, and they realise that the best way of reaching their audience is through online courses.

And yet….

These intrepid entrepreneurs do not know where to start with getting their courses together. They are flummoxed when it comes to the techie side of things. They get stuck and overwhelmed.

They don’t know who to turn to for help. Specialists in Online Course Creation are still quite thin on the ground, when you consider the sheer numbers of entrepreneurs who need these skills.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity to you, download the free Guide below.

The 5 Steps To Getting Started As An Online Course Specialist

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Want To Create Your Own Online Course?

Once upon a time you had a vision. You dreamed of creating a business which would allow you to live life on your own terms.

You wouldn’t have to knock on the boss’s door every time you wanted a day off. You wouldn’t have to pick a good time to ask about taking your leave entitlement either!

You’d be making way more money than in your stuffy corporate job, while working with fabulous clients. You’d have the luxury of taking the dog for a walk when the sun’s out and you’d no longer have that guilty feeling about missing the school concert because you’d actually be able to make it.

Maybe you’re an early riser and work best first thing in the morning. Or you’re a night owl who loves burning the midnight oil. Whatever your working style, you knew you’d have the freedom to work whenever you want, wherever you want.

The memories of shoehorning your way into scratchy suits would be distant, and there’s no way you’d be lusting after that daily commute to the office.

Parts of that vision became a reality – for a while. But the thing is, somewhere along the way, things changed and running your own business stopped being so idyllic and fun.

Now it seems that you’re hammering away at your keyboard and on client calls from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, and there’s just never enough time. You’re juggling 17 projects at once and tearing your hair out trying to keep up with it all. Even if you crawl into bed early one night, you wake up the next morning still feeling exhausted.

Things are beginning to fall through the cracks. Your other half is starting to feel neglected and your kids are wondering what’s taking all your attention. As for catching up with friends, well, that’s falling by the wayside too.

On weekends, you know, when everyone is off work and out to play, you’ve got one eye and three quarters of your mind on your business.

It wasn’t meant to be like this! You had no idea how hard it would be and often it seems too much for one person to handle.

If only you could clone yourself and create a little “mini-me” who could take some of the pressure off.

That isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds!

If you’re a business coach, life coach, consultant, public speaker, healer,  practitioner or any type of service provider, there are probably things that you explain to your clients repeatedly.

So, have you considered spilling your grey matter into an online course which would walk your clients/students through a process and help them achieve specific outcomes? Your online course or program would act like a little “mini-me” version of yourself and semi-automate some of your income.

Just think, you wouldn’t have to repeat yourself over and over again. Your students could be learning from your online course while you’re out grocery shopping or getting that much-needed workout at the gym.

Sure, you can still work one-on-one with your clients or do group coaching because that’s what you love to do – but there wouldn’t be so much pressure. You’d have that additional income from your online program working for you in the background. You’d have a valuable asset which you created once and which sells over and over again, to people all over the world.

The 7 Biggest Blunders
You Could Be Making With Your Online Course
& How To Avoid Them

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