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My name is Lisa Suling-Maslin and like you, I was born into an analogue world where there was no internet, and definitely no iPads or iPhones!

For a little while I was quite lost, and I didn’t really know “what to do with my life” after leaving University, apart from the fact that I loved working with computers.

Things went to a whole new level when the internet came into being.

Wow! I was amazed at how you could click on a website link and it would take you on a voyage of discovery!

This was finally the “interactivity” I had always craved.

I could not believe how you could send email without fiddling around with stamps and how so much information was accessible through something called Google. It left the Encyclopaedia Britannica for dead!

I soon realised that my passion was to be found working on the internet and in 2004, I set up a business as a Technical Virtual Assistant freelancing online with entrepreneurs all over the world.

Soon after that I learned how to create websites, online courses and how to market on the internet, and became a Digital Marketing Specialist.

It's been a truly exciting journey! Over the years, I've worked with lots of different types of clients in multiple industries.

I've helped businesses set up and run elearning sites, create online courses, newsletters, blogs, mobile apps, websites, webinars, sales funnels, lead magnets/freebies, sales pages, landing pages... run digital marketing campaigns... trained staff in various technical procedures... taught software classes... what an incredible adventure it's been and continues to be.

The wonders of leveraging the internet to create semi-passive income became abundantly clear to me when I launched my first information product and courses in 2006, helping people all over the globe to freelance from home.

I also created T.E.A.C.H. Virtually, an online program which walks you through a 5 Step System to creating your online course, even if you have a tech allergy!

And if you’re stuck on the online course idea stage, The Irresistible Online Course Concept Masterclass may be just the thing you’re looking for.

It's so thrilling to hear from someone who I’ve never even met before, telling me how I have helped change their life...

And all this because they trusted me enough to click on a little shopping cart button and invest in one of my courses/infoproducts. It still seems like magic, even today!

That’s why I particularly enjoy helping entrepreneurs create online courses and run elearning sites, so that they too can see just how life-changing it can be.

I love helping clients to reach people they would not have otherwise, through the immense power of digital marketing.

And if there’s anything I don’t know how to do straight away, I love to sit down and research it. Our good old friend Google is there to help!

A Few Things You May Not Know About Me

  • When I was knee-high I loved spending hours poring over my mother’s faded black and white photos. I was convinced that the world itself used to be in black and white, before some bright spark invented colour!
  • One of my favourite things in the world is to sit down and learn new software in my spare time. To my mind, nothing beats learning new insider tricks and tips to get things done in new and magical ways!
  • As a teenager in London, I was fascinated by faraway lands. I decided that the best way to reach them would be to study foreign languages at school. This ingenious plan worked and a seed was planted. In my earlier years I was severely bitten by the travel bug, and after many crazy adventures I eventually emigrated to Australia in 1998. I still love to plan and dream about my next trip but if I start telling you about that I might totally get off track.
  • I managed to do a bungy jump the wrong way! Instead of “flying”, I nervously hopped off the platform like a bunny rabbit and ended up getting a burn from the bungy elastic on my arm. Embarrassing!
  • I’m mad about exercise and get to the gym 4/5 times a week for the Hot Yoga, Kettlebell & Cycling classes.
  • I know I “should” meditate every day but the longest I’ve lasted is 2 weeks straight. I still have to crack the code on that one! Any tips?! (UPDATE: I have recently stumbled across The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, and that seems to be keeping me on track!)

So what’s next? I invite you to have a look around my blog and read a few of my posts.

If you need a helping hand creating information products, online courses, your website, blog, newsletter or simply marketing yourself online, hop on over here to contact me for a no-obligation Discovery Session.

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