How To Stay Ahead Of The Virtual Assistant & Freelance Crowd By Becoming An Online Course Specialist

There is no doubt that becoming a Virtual Assistant or Online Freelancer offers excellent income opportunities, considering the sheer number of businesses worldwide that need support.

But not all income opportunities are created equal. Some services are more lucrative and in demand than others, but before I explore that further, let’s take a look at the evolution of the Virtual Assistant and the services offered.

We have come a long way from the early days of the VA. Back then, a VA was mostly seen as a remote home-based secretary or admin assistant who took on routine tasks to free up the client’s time, such as organising meetings and travel, typing, formatting documents and Powerpoint presentations.

Over time, as the concept of Virtual Assistance and online freelancing became more and more widely accepted, trusted and valued, so did the diversity of the skills which came to be offered.

And so we have evolved from the purely Admin VA to VAs of all different flavours!

Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of general Admin and Secretarial VAs but we also now have Social Media VAs, Technical/Wordpress VAs, Digital Marketing VAs and also industry-specific VAs such as Real Estate VAs and Legal VAs.

These savvy VAs have recognised that there is a strong advantage to specializing: being able to stand out from the crowd and not be just another jack-of-all-trades Virtual Assistant.

Savvy VAs also know that they have to stay on top of current and upcoming trends in the digital world and adapt their VA/freelance businesses to stay in demand.

Equally as important is to offer services which don’t just free up the business owner’s time and relieve them of “drudgery” BUT are ESSENTIAL to BUSINESS GROWTH.

So, what is the hottest income opportunity for VAs and Freelancers today? Yes, Social Media, Technical/Wordpress and Digital Marketing are very hot, there is no doubt about that!

However, there are already plenty of these types of Virtual Assistants all vying for attention.

A truly hot income opportunity would be one that is exploding in demand, yet there are still very few Virtual Assistants and Freelancers who are able to meet that demand.

The Explosion of eLearning

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, it has probably come to your attention that countless entrepreneurs are creating and selling their own online courses (heck, you may even have taken one or two of them yourself!).

These intrepid entrepreneurs want to reach people all over the world with their expertise…

They can’t wait to achieve the holy grail of passive income with their online programs…

They don’t want to be left behind…

To give you an idea of just how RED HOT the online learning industry is, I invite you to take a look at these statistics:

According to Forbes magazine, the eLearning industry is booming and set to reach over $100 billion over the coming years.

Meanwhile,, the leading entrepreneur magazine, reports that online education is one of the best industries to get into, quoting projections of over $250 billion in the near future. This trend will only continue as more and more people scramble to get their piece of the pie.

And recently, LinkedIn made a huge move into the eLearning space by buying the online education company for $US 1.5 billion. As a result, this business networking site now offers one of the largest range of online courses around.

Online universities are springing up left, right and centre, trying to keep pace with demand.

I’m not sure about you but I don’t need any further convincing about the meteoric rise of eLearning. If you have your finger on the pulse, there is no doubt that this heart is leaping out of its chest!

How Distance Education Evolved Into The eLearning Of Today

Great strides have been made since the concept of remote learning came into being. The advantages were always undeniable: not having to travel to attend in person, and being able to learn at your own convenience.

Distance education has been around long before the internet was invented! Back then, it took the form of written material and cassette tapes being sent by mail, or computers hooked up physically (rather than over the internet).

In the 1990s, with the advent of the World Wide Web, The Open University in Britain and The University of British Columbia realised the potential of using the internet as a medium to deliver long distance education. You could say that they were the original pioneers of this amazing industry, with the increasing popularity of personal home computers fanning the flames.

In its infancy, eLearning was mostly a one way transfer of knowledge, in the form of static web pages and PDFs, although some bright spark came up with the concept of online discussion forums to stimulate much-needed interaction. But apart from a few forums here and there, you were expected to absorb the material on your own and study in a vacuum.

From about 2005 onwards, eLearning became more and more widespread, and in response to the shifting landscape, course management platforms and eLearning tools sprung up.

This made online course creation much more accessible to the every day person and no longer was it reserved for big organisations with bottomless pockets.

Online courses became much more interactive, including not only discussion forums but live webinars, teleseminars, social media groups, learning games and quizzes.

A critical advancement was the birth of high speed internet and mobile technology. We no longer had to struggle with “dialling up” to the internet. We no longer had an agonising wait for stuff to download. Video began to play a huge role in teaching online.

The iPhone took the world by storm, closely followed by all the different iterations of the smartphone and the tablet.

Not only can more video-based material be consumed than ever before, but learning can take place any time and anywhere. Our lives have been changed forever and we have the world in our back pocket!

Currently there are online courses on just about every topic under the sun such as how to set up your own business, how to be more confident, improve relationships, be more happy, get a better job, increase your finances, publish your own book, dog training, meditation, how to lose weight… you name it, there is a course on just about any topic you care to mention!

The fact is that increasing numbers of people are actually using their “spare time” to enrich their lives by accessing online courses… listening to audios, watching videos and reading PDFs, instantly downloadable 24/7.

This explosive upward trend shows no signs of slowing down, in fact it’s accelerating like a rocket bound for Mars!

There Is One Big Problem

Although creating online courses has undoubtedly become much, much more accessible to the every day business owner, there is still ONE BIG PROBLEM.

The numerous entrepreneurs who are frothing at the mouth to get their online courses out there… unfortunately they don’t know where to start.

They have their special expertise which they are itching to share with the world, BUT they don’t know how to translate it into an online program.

They also don’t have the faintest clue about the technology side of things or how to actually get students INTO their online course.

Yes, many of them are taking online courses which show them how to create online courses, but they are still in DESPERATE NEED of specialists who can help them IMPLEMENT and actually bring their vision to life.

However, people with these types of skills are thin on the ground.

To illustrate this, search in Google for an “Online Course Virtual Assistant”, “Online Course Freelancer” or “Online Course Specialist”. See much there? I didn’t think so…

Are You Ready To Be The Solution?

This represents a major opportunity for YOU to become indispensable! We are not just talking “in demand” but “indispensable”.

Not only does this mean a virtually unlimited stream of work but the ability to charge higher fees.

The wonderful thing is, if you are already a Virtual Assistant or Online Freelancer, you probably already have some of these red hot skills and you could learn the others. And if you haven’t got started with your freelancing business yet, you could explore becoming an Online Course Specialist right from the start.

Want To Know How?

If you want to know how you can leverage your existing skills and become an Online Course Specialist, download your free Guide below!

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