Love Notes From Client Projects

Recently I achieved a major milestone in my business:
Writing and launching my first Amazon Kindle eBook and paperback book! I had the pleasure of Lisa helping me not only edit and proofread the book, but also set up
and help run the launch.

I wanted to build my email list by giving away a free PDF version of my book and at the same time run a paid
“bump offer” of a downloadable product and cheat sheet.

I'm thrilled to say that people all over the world joined my email list and bought my product because of this launch.

What I loved about working with Lisa is that she knew
exactly what to do at each stage!

All I had to do was say, "Lisa, this is what I'd like to do" and she would come up with ways of getting the technology
to do what I wanted!

There are so many bits and pieces to think about when it comes to the tech side so it was a relief to have Lisa’s expertise and professionalism every step of the way.

She took initiative, gave guidance and was really quick
to respond to emails and phone calls.

I also wanted to move to a different email marketing tool and Lisa helped me do that seamlessly. She also helped me set up my video opt in and downloadable product
on my website.

I couldn't have done any of this without her!

Now we have the launch out of the way, my current projects include creating my first online course and organising a health conference. It's amazing to have Lisa to turn to every step of the way. She really knows what she's doing!

At the moment, she is helping me evaluate and structure the content for my online course, and set up the conference webpage along with the online payment processing system for two tiers of conference tickets. I love having her there to bounce ideas off and get her feedback.

She is without a doubt the BEST person I’ve ever worked with.
I am truly grateful to her! She is an amazing woman...
with a wonderful heart and the most incredible work ethic.

Thank you for your wonderful support Lisa 🙂

Trudi Afford, Belief Transformation Strategist Trudi Afford, Belief Transformation Strategist

I love the website Lisa designed and constantly get comments from people about how great it looks.

I am on page one of Google for “clairvoyant melbourne” because of Lisa’s hard work and skills.

Clients have told me that they decided to choose me above other clairvoyants, because of how my website looks and how it reads. Lisa also wrote the text for my website, and designed the logo and graphics.

I get a lot of new business because I’m on Google page one, not only new clients but also invitations to give readings at paid events and functions.

I run in-person tarot and astrology courses and workshops too, and Lisa will be the first person I turn to when it's time for me to make online courses out of these.

Lisa is fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her.

Monie Doumit, Clairvoyant Monie Doumit, Clairvoyant

Lisa is my go to girl! She’s an expert when it comes to digital marketing and technology. She is my technical and marketing mentor.

I have been working with her on lots of different aspects of my online business. She is amazing to bounce ideas off and give me much needed clarity and direction.

She has helped me brainstorm and develop ideas to create passive income from what I do.

With her help and guidance I have created a paid downloadable information product which will be available on my website soon. Lisa’s vast skills and technical expertise were invaluable in getting the project done. She also helped me write the actual sales page content and set up the download process.

Currently we are working on developing my flagship online course and together we came up with a fantastic concept and course outline. I am also producing another passive income product to add to my portfolio with her help.

She is also helping me set up a sales funnel on my website with a free downloadable report which people can subscribe to, which will then upsell interested prospects into my high level one-on-one coaching sessions.

The great thing is that she thinks outside of the box and comes up with suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of. For example, she gave me some great ideas of how I can improve the my free opt in ebook on my website, and create more of an automated email marketing funnel.

Plus, I wasn’t very happy with my existing email marketing tool, so she told me about a well known software that I’d never come across before but which does everything I need it to for a really reasonable price.

When you’re running a business it’s so important to keep things simple and not over complicate things. Lisa does this for me by streamlining processes wherever she can.

Professional, reliable, creative and generous with her extensive knowledge, it’s a relief to know that she is there to support me in expanding my business on the internet. Lisa is an incredibly valuable addition to any business looking to grow.

Linda Philip, Independent Mental Health Care Professional Linda Philip, Independent Mental Health Care Professional

Since 2005 I have been working with Lisa and she has been a godsend in terms of helping me with my branding, graphic design, research, website, digital marketing and monthly e-newsletter.

I didn’t know where to begin with my website so Lisa designed it from the ground up, including writing the content. I’m now being found in Google for some popular keywords and this has brought and continues to bring me new business that I otherwise would not have got.

At the moment we are developing a new marketing campaign which includes Video as I want to engage with people in this crowded market and increase my business even more. Not only does Lisa help implement my online marketing she comes up with new and creative ideas, and really got to know my business in-depth which I think differentiates her from other service providers.

My return on investment has been much higher than anticipated and engaging Lisa has paid for itself many times over (I was initially wary of online marketing but not now).

Her knowledge and professionalism has been invaluable to me. Thank you Lisa!

Kim Kershaw, Finance Broker,

For the last couple of years, I have been mulling over developing an App for my school community. Having investigated this some time ago, the anticipated cost of developing our own was a major blocker to taking the next step.

Then, out of the blue, I received contact from Lisa Suling-Maslin with a custom App that she had developed and one which she was offering to schools. The ‘virtual tour’ she provided through a link seemingly provided most of the features I had been looking for.

With some scepticism, I invited Lisa in for a chat and by the end of our meeting, was excited that we could actually reflect our own community through her product, rather than having an App just like everyone else’s.

So we engaged Lisa and she has been great to work with; the development process smooth and fast, and no question or request has been too hard! The whole process has just been too easy.

Our community loves using our new App and I have been proud to share it with a number of colleagues.

As such, it is my absolute pleasure in recommending Lisa to anyone considering developing an App or looking to redevelop their website, which is our next step!

Guy Mason, Principal,

Lisa delivered great work for our business as promised and on time - mobile app, website overhaul and SEO. Great communication, and always to the point.

Will continue working with Lisa on future website projects.

Darren Mozes, Owner,

Love Notes From The Irresistible
Online Course Concept Workshop

As a marketing consultant AND a customer of holistic health and wellness therapies, I wanted to help practitioners help more people in experiencing the same benefits I have.

I wanted to create an online course that would guide them through marketing, at a price they could afford. I soon realised I had no idea how to translate my knowledge of marketing into a course, and Lisa's workshop came along at just the right time.

The workshop exercises helped me to understand and clarify what these practitioners needed in a marketing course - and it wasn't what I had thought! I learnt how to ensure the course matches the expectations of my students, and how to create each module to achieve the right outcomes for them.

Lisa's feedback in the workshop Facebook group was invaluable, especially when I thought I had gone as far as I could with each exercise. She added her expertise to help me understand my students' needs in a way I hadn't thought possible, and develop a course outline I could be
completely confident in.

I’m also now 100% sure that my course is going to be profitable, because of the exercises Lisa included to test my course idea.

If you've ever thought about creating a course, I highly recommend you work with Lisa!

Kirsty Saint, Marketing Consultant & Copywriter Kirsty Saint, Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

The Irresistible Online Course Concept Masterclass offers a fun and inspiring way to create a course from scratch.

I have always had thoughts about putting a course out online to help people learn how to improve their skills and knowledge, but never found the time to research all that was necessary
to set something up.

Lisa's Masterclass changed all that! I now have a step-by-step process which I can use to generate ideas, find my target audience and tailor my course to their needs.

I feel confident that I can create a course without spending hours going round in circles, and have a greater
understanding of the pitfalls to avoid.

I'm looking forward to finally getting my course out into the world - Lisa's program gave me the impetus and
the know-how to do this!

Celia Almeida, Life Coach Celia Almeida, Life Coach

I am writing to let you know how much your online course ideas have given me much impetus to my creativity in developing
my business online.

Until I joined your programme, I was much more conventional business minded and sceptical about online business and security. I lacked the confidence in even attempting any of the ideas raised in your programme, let alone spending time on researching online but I am now passionate
about online marketing.

It’s been an eye opening experience going through your
videos and step-by-step instructions.

You make online course development so easy to understand and exciting to be involved.

Each time I listened to your videos, I felt the burning desire to be present online with my ideas. I can’t wait to complete
my first project online!

Tawiah Gyamfi-Kumaning, IT Consultant Tawiah Gyamfi-Kumaning, IT Consultant

I made a mistake of starting to write out everything I know about a topic I have chosen for an online course.

This made me struggle in finishing course because I always come up with something new to add.

Lisa's Irresistible Online Course Concept Masterclass helped me narrow down, refine and have a crystal clear idea on what topic for an online course I can offer.

The techniques she taught are well-organized, spot-on and easy to understand. Highly recommended!

Gwenn Doria, Virtual Assistant Gwenn Doria, Virtual Assistant