Lisa Suling-Maslin

Need a helping hand with marketing your business online or with creating your online course?

I get it.

You’re itching to reach a wider audience using the power of the internet.

But you don’t know where to start.

Or you DO know roughly where to start… who knows, you may have got as far as creating an online course outline or some kind of marketing strategy but then you got stuck and overwhelmed...

What should you DO with all that content of yours?!

Not to mention the inevitable techie stuff which makes your head hurt just thinking about it.

Helloooo, procrastination!

Marketing yourself online entails lots of components and moving parts, and it’s easy to go round and round in circles, lose focus, even forget what you were meant to be doing!

Before long… weeks, maybe even MONTHS slip by and you’re still nowhere near increasing your reach across the internet. You're the world's best kept secret! Just think of all that income you’re passing up as the time ticks by…

I know it’s not just about the money… I know that you don’t want to grow your business just for vanity's sake...

You want to create something which is QUALITY, and reach a wider audience, showcasing your expertise around the world... grow beyond your local patch and truly impact lives...

Your clients are out there just waiting for you to give them exactly what they need! It’s time to STOP the confusion and overwhelm, and START taking decisive action.

Whether you need a hand with turning your existing intellectual property (e.g. books, ebooks, training manuals, offline courses, random brain cells) into an online course… whether you need help with producing an online course from scratch, whether you simply need help marketing your business online, I can wave my magic wand and smooth the path ahead.

But Why Should You Work With Me?

What makes me so special? OK, you’re asking me to blow my own trumpet here which is always a little uncomfortable… but here goes…

Because I know my stuff and I’m not just in this to make a fast buck. The thing I love about helping people market themselves in cyberspace is that I’m indirectly helping my clients reach people they would not have otherwise!

The word “passion” gets bandied about a lot but I have to use it… just once, I promise 🙂

Here goes… one of my true passions is technology. I have been fascinated by it for as long as I can remember. It is what I was born to do and the internet has allowed me to live and breathe it in my business.

I am a unique blend of technical geek and marketing wizard, and I love coming up with innovative ways that technology can help you create the business you’ve always wanted. I'm a logical thinker but I'm also very creative.

I can help you achieve your goals faster than you can trying to go it alone. There’s no reason to muddle through when I can help!

I’ve been around for a while too. I started my online business in 2004 (my name back then was Lisa Taliga) after more than two decades in the corporate world, and I’ve worked with a very diverse range of clients and projects.

Wherever I can, I will save you money by suggesting tools which are not going to rack up needless ongoing costs.

For example recently I saved a client hundreds of dollars a year by suggesting a tool which only costs $99… and that’s a one off price. Is it as good as the other tool which has a higher monthly ongoing fee?

Well, it’s different in some ways but it does pretty much everything the more costly one does!

I’m a great listener and communicator. I’m not afraid to let you know my honest thoughts if I think of different ways of doing things which could work out better. This is because I’m truly invested in your success.

I prefer to work with entrepreneurs who are also not just in it to make a fast buck...

I work with people who have a gift they want to share far and wide through online courses, infoproducts and digital marketing.

If that’s you, and you’re looking to really make a difference in people’s lives, then here’s how I can help you:

Digital Marketing

  • Planning and setting up online sales funnels
  • Creating lead magnets/opt ins/freebies
  • Creating websites, blogs, landing pages and sales pages
  • Setting up newsletters and email marketing software e.g. Active Campaign, Aweber
  • Writing email sequences
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Video marketing
  • Running webinars
  • Setting up evergreen webinars

Online Course Concept

  • Researching potential online course ideas for profitability
  • Helping to outline and structure online course content e.g. how long should your course be, how many modules, learning outcomes
  • Helping you decide on the best format for your course
  • Project management including setting timelines and milestones
  • Branding

Online Course Content Creation

  • Sourcing images for slides
  • Creating graphics
  • Designing and creating slides
  • Editing and uploading videos
  • Creating and uploading PDFs e.g. worksheets and checklists

Online Course Technical Set up

  • Setting up membership sites
  • Setting up email delivery
  • Integrating payment processor
  • Configuring shopping cart

Contact me and we will work out what would suit you best. Depending on where you’re at, you may just need an hour’s coaching call to get on track… or a longer term package of one-on-one guidance could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Whatever makes sense for you, we can work something out which fits your needs perfectly. Before you know it, your ideal clients and customers will be seeking you out on the internet asking YOU for your help!